Exhibiting Terms & Conditions


  • To reserve booth space Payment is due in full prior to event to guarantee your space. Payment plans available please contact Paul:

Balances are due online or by invoice or by  interac or by auto credit card billing.

Any events not attended by vendor or not refundable.

Any show cancellation by promoter will result in full refund to vendor in the amount paid by the vendor for that event. ALL EVENTS ARE RAIN OR SHINE WET OR DRY !

Licious Shows  reserves the right to decline the acceptance of any application without explanation before or during the show. The final decision of approved product/services is solely at the discretion of Licious Shows.

All booths require pre-approval, final approval and onsite approval at event time.

Admission to exhibit at other shows is not guaranteed..

Select Categories are exclusive to the promoter such as mens suits.

 All booth space is released to existing vendors for first option of space.

Licious Shows reserves the right to alter and preselect space and locations of vendors in each show

All vendors must stay within there 8 foot wide and no further than 5 feet out to ensure all fire regulations are followed. If unsure if more room is available, please ask show promoter.

  The exhibitor agrees to the conditions as outlined

 Terms may not be altered in any way.

Vendors do not take down prior to advertised show times.

 Vendors per category are limited for independent consultants for most events one in select bigger events 2 ie indoor and outdoor shows

  All draws and data collection by vendors must CLEARLY follow privacy and anti-spam legislation by ensuring you are getting permission by the attendee to be in accordance with Canada’s privacy act and Anti-Spam Legislation

 Any draw must completely unencumbered and without condition while clearly marked on your ballot draw forms. ie a FREE DRAW IS A FREE DRAW AND must be free of any obligation by the registrant/attendee.

Furthermore, in any facility that holds a liquor license ; no prize must be there on condition that they prize entrant be there to win. Winner is not required to be there to win where the facility holds a liquor license.


  1. The Exhibitor agrees to abide by all regulations and rules adopted by Licious Shows and agrees that Licious Shows shall have the final decisions in adopting any rules or regulations deemed necessary prior to, during, and after the show and/or subsidiaries.
  2. The Exhibitor will hold Licious Shows 100 % harmless from any damage, expense or liability arising from damage to its agents, servants, fashion show, volunteers and/or or employees or the property of the Exhibitor occurring in the building or the approaches and entrances thereto.

A minimum of $2 million public liability and damages insurance must be carried by the exhibitor to midnight day of event /show.

  1. The Exhibitor shall undertake and maintain qualified personnel in its display during show hours. The exhibitor is solely responsible for all its staff, friends, family members, volunteers and all exhibitors personnel visiting or working with the exhibitor. The Exhibitor agrees to be completely set up at the start of the show and not to commence packing up before the end of the show.
  2. Licious Shows reserves the right to reject or remove exhibits, portions of exhibits or Exhibitors when in the opinion of Licious Shows such actions are necessary to maintain the character and good order of the show without explanation and/or compensation at any time without notice including but not limited to fashion show participants. The exhibitor may only represent its own company name at the show and no third party companies directly or indirectly. No show (s) and/or events can be promoted within the show(s) / event (s) directly or indirectly.

Space outside the internal vendor hall zone cannot be used for promotion and will be for display only. Vendor Space is inside the vendor hall only and in your paid area.

  1. The Exhibitor is responsible for any damages caused to the building and/or to the standard booth equipment and/or to the promoters of the event. One company per booth. No product or information sharing for non paying vendors.
  2. Licious Shows assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to the vendors and/or facility property due to fire, theft, flood lighting, earthquakes, explosions, or any other cause.
  3. Should for any reason the exhibitor be unable to be present at the show, he/she shall not sublet, transfer, or lease his/her space but shall allow it to revert to Licious Shows. Booth space and/or any deposit money is not refundable and space is not re-credited to future events. No lists are provided. All sales are final.
  4. Exhibit space credits nor refunds are not available for vendors not showing up to an event. Marketing package terms and conditions of use are accepted with this form and on the website of Licious Shows.
  5. Licious Shows reserves the right to change and/or cancel the date, booth and/or location of the show at anytime and to any other show. Licious Shows reserves the right to transfer and/or assign the exhibitor payments and this contract agreement to any other show promoted by Licious Shows or any other legal entity. Also if the show has to be moved for any reason whatsoever. Licious Shows reserves the right to refund the same portion amount paid to Licious Shows by the said exhibitor for the current show/event if cancellation of the Exhibitor(s) booth is necessary for any reason whatsoever and without explanation at anytime. There are no refunds for non cancelled shows.
  6. If Licious Shows should be prevented for any reason for presenting the show, the exhibitor and the promoter shall both hold the facility provider, any other entity involved and their agents accountable for any losses/damages for the facilities or any other entities inability to fulfill the contractual obligations to the promoter and for the exhibitors individually and as a group. Licious Shows shall have no further obligations. There are no warranties and no guarantees for results or attendance of the shows. The shows/events are all on a as is where is basis. Licious Shows reserves the right to broadcast live and/or pre-recorded directly or indirectly all shows and any images taken at the shows of vendors and vendor personnel. It is your sole responsibility to inform your personnel whether paid or volunteered of this policy. Fashion Show exhibitors are also fully responsible for their own agreements, workers compensation and/or hold harmless agreements from their employees, staff, friends, family and/or volunteers and the Exhibitor will hold Licious Shows 100 % harmless from any damage, expense or liability arising from damage to its agents, servants, fashion show, volunteers and/or or employees or the property of the Exhibitor occurring in the building or the approaches and entrances thereto.
  7. The Exhibitor agrees to observe all rules and by laws of the Canadian Fire Prevention Association or any other similar body.
  8. All Health Regulations must be adhered to and any sampling must be approved in writing by the health unit. This is your sole responsibility.
  9. The Exhibitor agrees that reports, meeting content and emails from Licious Shows will be held in confidence for its own use and will not be rented or sold or otherwise disclosed to others whatsoever. Vendors and/or attendees at the events cannot post, distribute, photograph, record, video any content without the expressed written consent of the show promoter.
  10. The Exhibitor agrees that FFP will be held harmless against any liability asserted against FFP arising from the character or quality of any of the Exhibitor’s services. The Exhibitor and its personnel are solely responsible for their actions. The Exhibitor shall reimburse all 100% of the costs to the promoters (FFP) and the facility any and all costs related to any damage to the facility or to FFP and/or repair any damages as a result of the exhibitors activity as a result of the exhibitors use of the facility. 15. This exhibitor contract applies to one and/or multiple specified under this agreement. Should the Exhibitor wish to represent their entity at subsequent Licious Shows events a additional contract may be required by Licious Shows. We reserve the right to update these agreements and are subject to change without notice.
  11. The Exhibitor understands that the prize(s) and/or amount of prizes,; if any, prize value or prize format used in the Prize Draw may change for any reason. The prize(s), if any, is subject to change at any time without notice. Exhibitors, exhibitor’s staff and/or volunteers and their immediate families cannot win the prize.
  12. The Exhibitor understands that if the recipient of the prize does not use some or all f the prize in the package, then neither cash nor substitute prizes will be awarded, but that instead the value of all or a portion of the prize will become null or void. Exhibitor; their staff and families do not qualify for the prize.

18 Licious Shows reserves the right to place any exhibitor at any time without any notice in another location, if deemed necessary for any reason whatsoever without any compensation and/or assign this agreement to any other entity without notice.. FFP refers to Future-Feet Plus Fashions Limited.

  1. Licious Cash – All Licious Cash won by the customer has no cash value . The customer buys from you with the Licious Cash and you get reimbursed from Licious Shows in cash – credit card credit or reduction of same amount at another event. Copyright 1986-2024 & beyond