FAQ – Licious Shows

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you on Social Media ?

A. Yes we are on Facebook currently

Q. Is Facebook the best place to get a response for Licious Shows

A. No best and fastest responses are through the website contact form as most answers posted are on the website and usually can be answered via the website and-or this FAQ. The website has show information – event dates- vendor prices with online payments - vendor enquiry forms and booking  forms all at liciousshows.ca

Q. Is Licious Shows an experienced show organizer – producer?

A. YES Licious Shows has been doing shows since 1986 – our 38th year!

Q. What is the guarantee of traffic and success at a vendor booth?

A. There cannot  be a guarantee and no legitimate show producer can the  who comes out and or who spends what as this is an impossibility.

Quality show organizers do everything that is possible to make the show a success Nobody wants to see a slow or poor turnout show so it is also recommended to participate in promoting that you are at the event as well as a collaborative approach to all help in the success. Vendor Sales may vary from show to show and promoters cannot in any way guarantee sales of products. Ones technique of sales approach and / or product mix adjustments may require some tweaking at times to adapt to and with changing environments in the market and economy.. It is imperative to Work your booth and be very attentive to all customers while at an event. We do however offer tips and hold vendor meetings to assist all vendors in any way possible to enhance your business passion. We are here to help in any way we can to enhance your success !

Q. Do you offer exclusives of products other than direct consultant companies?

A. No, we cannot offer exclusiveness of products; the internet alone has made product availability open and transparent globally but we do our utmost best to minimize exact product duplication where possible. We of course want all vendors to have the best opportunity of success.

Q. How do you advertise the shows?

A. We use many modalities and depending on the size of the show based on revenue available for advertising we do the following when and where possible:

Lawn Signs Depending on community and allowability up to 50 lawn signs are placed in strategic places to promote the vendor markets and shows.

Poster Marketing - Print and Digital

Collaborative Poster Marketing – We provide posters to share and post on social media

Social Media Posts 

Social Media and or Google Adwords Advertising

Database Marketing

Radio Ads – where possible but always on the shows of 90 vendors or more

Digital Outdoor media – Where available we add this in

Sponsorships- Select shows have corporate sponsors that allow for more media

Q. How do we enquire or apply for vendor space?

A. Fill out the vendor enquiry form Click Here

Q .Can we pay online ?

A. Yes you can pay online at the Book Here Link

We accept Visa Mastercard and Amex for secure payments

The Book Here

Q. Do you accept Interac-E Transfer ?

A. We no longer accept Interac to provide a safer environment for vendor payments.

Credit cards are backed up by your card provider in the event of a scam or fraud.

Q. Do I save by booking more than one event ?

A. Yes you can save by booking two shows. If you want to book more than 2 shows you can contact us to get a volume price by email only.

Q. Can I book just one single show?

A. Yes you can book 1 show if this is what works for you

Q. Do you offer payment plans?

A. Yes – please contact us by email and we can arrange a payment plan when booking 4 shows or more?

Q. Do you allow more than one independent consultant for direct sellers in Licious Shows?

A. We only allow one direct seller like Scentsy – Epicure-Color Street – Tupperware and many others and must be approved first before payment to ensure it is not sold out. Fill out the enquiry form and we will get right back to you if approved.

This is the vendor enquiry form link Click Here

Q. Why don’t I see my question in the FAQ ?

A. If you don’t see a specific question here in the FAQ ; we will be more than happy to answer this by contacting us through the contact form on the website at www.liciousshows.ca

Q Where are the prices?

All prices can be found by location and date Click Here

Q. What are the dates and where are the events located ?

Answer The event dates and locations are listed at this link

Q. To attend a Licious Shows evemt can I sign up to be notified in advance of each event?

Answer Yes you can sign up at this link and be notified for each event at this link

Q. Who can attend these events?

Answer Events are open to everyone and all guests are welcome to attend